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With the encouragement of family, friends and the support of David Breunig the Richard Breunig Foundation was formed Dec 6, 2016.  With hard work dedication and some generous donations our Foundation is able reach thousands of people in need.  Extreme couponing enables us to save huge amounts of funds on toiletries so we have the ability to focus on ways to give back to those in need in our community.  The primary focus of The Richard Breunig Foundation is to  support and assist our Veterans, children, families in need and the on going homeless crisis here in California.  We rely heavily on the kindness and generosity of  donations and use those funds to continue with our mission. 



R.B.F. is dedicated to supporting kids in need.  We ensure their basic needs for school supplies are met so that they can focus on learning.  26.4% of families live below the poverty level line.  Children below the poverty level experience anxiety, depression, stress and educational barriers such as lack of personality and lower self-esteem.  The lack of proper resources such as supplies and clothing lead to irregular attendance resulting in poor test and grade results even for a student who is trying to succeed.  Not all families have the luxury of choosing which IPad or Laptop to buy their children some can’t even scrape enough money to even affording loose-leaf paper. Many families are living off one income, might not know where there next meal is coming from so school supplies are the least of their concerns. 


Dedicated to providing American Veterans, that are homeless and or disadvantaged individuals and families with necessities such as personal hygiene items (i.e. shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc.) food items, clothing and assistance and support in the transition to employment, self-sufficiency and life off the streets.


Richard Breunig Foundation provides the support that homeless individuals and families need, we provide a sack lunch or warm meal toiletries and hygiene supplies as well referrals to services and housing available to them in their region and or area. 

Popeye Toy Run 

In a collaborative effort with local communities’ centers and numerous motorcycle clubs across Southern California The Richard Breunig Foundation proudly hosts and sponsors The Popeye Toy Run.  Winner of the 2016 Martin Luther King Peacemaker award the Popeye Toy Run has been an important part of different communities in Long Beach California for the past 9 years they have been providing meals and toys to thousands of low income and below poverty level children in the greater Long Beach area.  

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